Is it ethical?

As we have taken a closer look at Google Analytics, we have seen the amount of our information that is tracked. All of this information is tracked by cookies. Not the delicious kind that grandma makes, but the cookie data like demographics, location, source (where you came from), and your marketing interests. This information “follows” […]

Defensive v. Proactive

Defensive corporate response is basically admitting to your consumers that you are in the wrong and do not feel the need to change things. This can make consumers have a negative view towards your brand, causing a decrease in revenue. Taking a more proactive approach ensures consumers that the mistake you made was simply that, […]

Spotify Wrapped.

I have always enjoyed looking at other peoples end of the year, Spotify wrapped information. Providing a simple image with lots of information allows people to easily see the reflection of their year of streaming. I personally do not have Spotify and I always wished that Apple Music did something like this. In the beginning […]

Buy a little, Give a little.

Join Wal-Mart in their quest to help support their community! When you buy any COVID-19 related product, Wal-Mart will donate one to local schools and small businesses in their enrollment program. 1.2% of NY State COVID-19 cases are in Monroe County. Do your part to help your local Wal-Mart support others and stop the spread […]

Function and Form

Function and Form are both important assets to digital marketing. As digital marketing grows, a companies need for digital content increases, but if the content is not flattering to the eye or easy to use there will not be much traffic on the site. Function is the ability for consumers to easy navigate throughout a […]