Function and Form

Function and Form are both important assets to digital marketing. As digital marketing grows, a companies need for digital content increases, but if the content is not flattering to the eye or easy to use there will not be much traffic on the site.

Function is the ability for consumers to easy navigate throughout a website and that it is clean. Websites with a good function should be one that anyone, all generations, can use and know how to navigate.

Form is the layout of the website. Does it attract the consumers eye, do they want to keep using your website or do they get bored and choose to use another company/website for their needs.

I think both should be valued by online shoppers but overall I think function is more important. If a website is not easy to navigate or use, it annoys me and makes me choose to shop somewhere else. Having a balance of function and form throughout a website can increase profitability and draw more traffic to their site.

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