Spotify Wrapped.

I have always enjoyed looking at other peoples end of the year, Spotify wrapped information. Providing a simple image with lots of information allows people to easily see the reflection of their year of streaming. I personally do not have Spotify and I always wished that Apple Music did something like this.

In the beginning years of Spotify doing this, I think it enticed people to want to be user of Spotify. Spotify choosing to give their users something personalized at the end of the year, makes users feel as though they are more than just a credit card number, they are valued by Spotify and the artists that share their music on the platform. Peoples music style changes so much through their life, and I know personally that I am listening to different music than I was listening to in January. We forget about old songs that we used to love so much, and even seeing just a glimpse of the name or artist can bring us back to a time that we listened to that song, bringing nostalgia.

Spotify choosing to give each subscriber a personalized message, shows that they value each and every member. Receiving this message will make someone feel as though they belong to something bigger.

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