Choose the best Attribution model for your business

What is The Attribution Model?

The attribution model is how all of your sales and conversions are tracked throughout the interaction between your business and the customers. So if you’re selling chocolates online you can set an attribution model that can tell you the first channel that the customer interacted with that brought them to buy the product. This attribution model is called the First Interaction, and is one of much attribution that is offered to you.

So Which Attribution Model Do You Use For Your Business?

This question is all determined by how your business is converting if it’s converting at all. So it’s all up to your evaluation of how your business is going to determine the best attribution for your business. One attribution that is very useful for your business is the Last Google Ads Click. This allows Google to tell you the last ad that was clicked on before the customer bought the product. This is very useful because this allows you to easily see which ads are giving you the most conversions. Another attribution that you can use that to better and grow your business, is the First Interaction Attribute. This attribute gives 100 percent of the conversion value to the first channel that the customer interacted with. This allows you to see what ad is getting people to click on your product or website. This helps because if you see what it is that bring these people to you site and you can focus on that aspect and get more people to click and get to you website. As mentioned early the choosing which attribution models you should use is all up to you and how your business is going. If you don’t know why you are getting the amount of sales you want them you can look at these models and attribute different ones to your site to see what you can improve on and see what is hurting your business more than helping it. The article Attribution Models for Marketers: The Definitive Guide by Rebecca Bowden goes in depth in explaining all of the different models and gives you pros and cons of each one, so you know which one is best to use in certain situations for your business.

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