Is Email Marketing Dead

No, this practice is not dead, it’s just out of practice. Some marketers have been told that email marketing’s days were limited, That email itself is outdated as an engagement, lead generation and prospect nurturing platform, and being replaced by social media networks and other channels. Email marketing’s “death” has been exaggerated. Email marketing is […]

Does Money for Ads Help Beat Competitors?

There are many ways in being able to get into getting a high rank, or beating your competition in Ad numbers. The factors that may come into consideration would include having good keywords, an ad copy, and how much money you are willing to pay for the ads. So the question becomes, does money play […]

Can You Be #1 on Google?

I think the best way to get to be number one on google is by understanding your competitors and seeing what is popular or hot topics and trying to find the most optimal keywords to help get the best search results possible. By also adding enough content that have the keywords within the website is […]

What has Digital Marketing Done for Businesses?

By having a platform for a digital presence for advertising by doing so they can create a public display globally for people to have access so their information and further connect people in a new modernized way.

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