Is Email Marketing Dead

No, this practice is not dead, it’s just out of practice.

Some marketers have been told that email marketing’s days were limited, That email itself is outdated as an engagement, lead generation and prospect nurturing platform, and being replaced by social media networks and other channels.

Email marketing’s “death” has been exaggerated. Email marketing is more vital than ever, giving brands a direct way to segment, engage, nurture and convert leads.

Email marketing takes precision and dedication to do it justice. Otherwise, your audience will ignore it. Which may explain why some people are so quick to retire it as a marketing strategy: It’s easier to throw out a failed email campaign on a fundamentally flawed and outdated approach than to recognize execution errors and put in the work needed for succeess.

Is email marketing dead? Not at all. It’s essential for the success of inbounded marketing strategies. If you play to the channel’s strengths (automation, segmentation, direct communication) and carefully craft every campaign and email to engage your audience, email marketing will deliver enormous return in the end.

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