Applying STP to Email Campaigns

What is Segmentation? The main principle behind the process is to segment your audience, target each segmented group according to their preferences and habits, and make positioning adjustments in your branding and marketing strategies to accommodate their needs and expectations. The reason why the segmentation, targeting, and positioning process is so effective is that it […]

Capturing Variables with Tags

A website tag is a tool used to gather data on a website. Tagging is and can be a piece of JavaScript code, a small pixel, or a transparent image that enables the collection of unique information about a person and on-site behaviors across an organization’s digital properties tracking their behavior and activities on your website or data for […]

Benefits of Current Reports vs. Legacy Tools

When it comes to Reports and legacy tools, they have their uses and their advantages but depending on their application they can be the most effective. With a current reports you can give them time to digest it, develop some questions, and then present the final numbers once you’re all on the same page. What’s more, […]

Targeting with Audience Information

This is very relevant because this happens to everyone including myself. This is derived from the patterns that the consumer has a habit of doing. Using myself as an example, since I am a big fan of buying/selling cards on TCGplayer, their are many ads that I receive from this website and because I am […]

Is it ethical to know and track user behavior?

Terms like “tracking” can paint a lot of negative images when it comes to things like user privacy. When they say “track,” they mean that they’re recording a users behavior within the application. Recording generally refers to sending a message to an analytics service when a user does something. When something happens in an application, […]

A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is a process in which one compares two different versions of a website. Although they are very similar, only one or two things should be different to learn exactly how those individual aspects affect the overall statistics. By keeping everything besides your changed variable constant, it allows you to […]

How Behavior Reports Affect Content Strategy

Behavior change changes how people tend to make decisions. This takes into consideration the environmental, social, and personal factors that impact how a person chooses to do something. To that end, there are many theories of behavioral reporting. This includes the Fogg Behavioral Model and Social Cognitive Theory. Each theory identifies key elements that may […]

Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

1. Tag only what you need. There are certain links that you don’t need to tag, and many times are not able to tag. You should not attempt to tag organic keyword links from search engines. Search engine names are automatically detected and displayed in your reports. And again, you don’t need to tag Google […]

Creativity in Data Studio

Is Creativity Needed? Creativity is not the only thing that is needed to creating a data page. The most important thing when it comes to working with the data studio is how the data is presented and if it is easy to interpret by people viewing the data. This does not require you to necessarily […]

Defensive vs. Proactive

Proactive Response: A proactive response is when a company responds to a negative comment made by an unhappy customer that assures the issue will not repeat itself. These types of responses builds trust between the customer and company. Defensive Response: A defensive cooperate response is when a company acknowledges their mistake, but also acknowledges that […]

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