Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

1. Tag only what you need. There are certain links that you don’t need to tag, and many times are not able to tag. You should not attempt to tag organic keyword links from search engines. Search engine names are automatically detected and displayed in your reports. And again, you don’t need to tag Google […]

Creativity in Data Studio

Is Creativity Needed? Creativity is not the only thing that is needed to creating a data page. The most important thing when it comes to working with the data studio is how the data is presented and if it is easy to interpret by people viewing the data. This does not require you to necessarily […]

Defensive vs. Proactive

Proactive Response: A proactive response is when a company responds to a negative comment made by an unhappy customer that assures the issue will not repeat itself. These types of responses builds trust between the customer and company. Defensive Response: A defensive cooperate response is when a company acknowledges their mistake, but also acknowledges that […]

Is Email Marketing Dead

No, this practice is not dead, it’s just out of practice. Some marketers have been told that email marketing’s days were limited, That email itself is outdated as an engagement, lead generation and prospect nurturing platform, and being replaced by social media networks and other channels. Email marketing’s “death” has been exaggerated. Email marketing is […]

Does Money for Ads Help Beat Competitors?

There are many ways in being able to get into getting a high rank, or beating your competition in Ad numbers. The factors that may come into consideration would include having good keywords, an ad copy, and how much money you are willing to pay for the ads. So the question becomes, does money play […]

Targeting with Audience Information

This is very relevant because this happens to everyone including myself. This is derived from the patterns that the consumer has a habit of doing. Using myself as an example, since I am a big fan of buying/selling cards on TCGplayer, their are many ads that I receive from this website and because I am […]

Is it ethical to know and track user behavior?

Terms like “tracking” can paint a lot of negative images when it comes to things like user privacy. When they say “track,” they mean that they’re recording a users behavior within the application. Recording generally refers to sending a message to an analytics service when a user does something. When something happens in an application, […]

Spotify #2019Wrapped

Reaction: Now, because I use Spotify quite frequently, I knew that they make a compilation of all the music that you have listened to the past year and make a banner showing that you what you listened to and make that list into playlist for you and you are able to share this banner with […]

What Made Me Click?

I am usually not someone that clicks on pop-up ads or any ads for that matter. I don’t always trust them a for the most part because anytime that were to click on it it would be some sort of scam that would take my contact information or any other information on me and usually […]

HelloFresh Meal Options

The best way to expand the topics on our HelloFresh page, we would add more options for the meals by going deeper into the types of meals and diets that people are on and to create meal plans that supplement those needs to the best of our ability. By the consumer customizing their meal options, […]

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