What Made Me Click?

I am usually not someone that clicks on pop-up ads or any ads for that matter. I don’t always trust them a for the most part because anytime that were to click on it it would be some sort of scam that would take my contact information or any other information on me and usually that never ends well. Usually, the only reasons that I would end up clicking is if I was impatient and clicked on the ad while trying to get out of it from a game or it actually holds relevant information to me to want to click on it or something that I am interested in. Most of the ads that pop up for me are usually connected to the things that I search. I always get ads that lead to TCGplayer which is a website that I buy my cards from. Since the ad always pops up for me then I am more inclined to click on it because that saves me the time on putting it into a search engine for myself.

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