A/B Testing Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing and what does it do? In everything you do, there is always a way to get better and this concept applies to businesses as well, specifically when it comes to website optimization. There is always ways you can improve but who is to say what changes work and what don’t? A/B […]

Benefits of Tag Manager

Whether a company is selling product through a website, is posting scholarly case studies or even news articles, they need to know what their consumers are actually doing on their site. Are they getting to the homepage and leaving? How about adding products to their cart but not purchasing them? Or are they reading half […]


Both SEO and PPC can be essential to drive traffic to a companies website, but each plays a different role. It can become tough for a company to decide which type of marketing to use so it is important to look at what does what! SEO Uses SEO is a cost effective tool that can […]

Creativity in Reports

A lot of people look at charts and graphs that are in texts books or case studies that help them understand the information being given, but I have always wondered, are those specific charts there for a reason? When creating data reports, creativity is extremely important depending upon who the audience is. Some people want […]