A/B Testing Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing and what does it do?

In everything you do, there is always a way to get better and this concept applies to businesses as well, specifically when it comes to website optimization. There is always ways you can improve but who is to say what changes work and what don’t? A/B testing allows you to run the same page, an original and a variation, simultaneously to see if the changes made generates any additional activity.

When can this be used?

There are many different scenarios in which A/B testing can help strengthen your website. One hypothesis a company like Nike may have is to change the way images of shoes are presented on their website. Instead of having multiple pictures that show the different angles of the shoes, they could show a 360 degree, interactive photo that allows the consumer to focus on specific details important to them. They would run these two pages simultaneously and be able to track differences in sales depending on how the shoes are presented to the customer.

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