Capturing Custom Campaigns

Collecting Data

Today, now that basically everything has gone digital, so has the majority of channels of marketing. But how can one track that data? Well, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Google will automatically collect the data on how a consumer got to your site, whether it be through an organic search, directly or through a referral. They even will track many people came directly through your ads, but if paid search campaigns are run through a different search engine other than google, destination URL’s must be associated with those ads.

Effectively Using the Data

All of the data collected will tell you whether they directly searched for your website, whether they clocked through a banner ad, a social media post, an email campaign, etc. This will highlight where you should now aim your focus and begin to optimize those specific ads. For example, say a company puts out a first wave of marketing for a new product through both banner ads on similar sites and an email campaign directed at the demographics of the consumer. If the email campaign drives more traffic/revenue, they will now know that they can save money on buying ads and they can now begin to promote more heavily themselves.

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