Both SEO and PPC can be essential to drive traffic to a companies website, but each plays a different role. It can become tough for a company to decide which type of marketing to use so it is important to look at what does what!

SEO Uses

SEO is a cost effective tool that can help you become one of the top leaders when someone searches for your product, but there are a couple issues that result. SEO is a very time consuming process that continuously needs to be updated in order to stay above other competition. Once you have gained some traction, SEO is built up, this provides a much more sustainable path for consumers to reach your site than PPC would.

PPC Uses

PPC is another effective tool to drive customers to your site, but what are the advantages? Unlike SEO, PPC doesn’t take nearly s much time to build and roll out. This is a way that will automatically put you at the top of the list when consumers search for your products without the efforts being put into search engine optimization. The issues that arise are that it can be extremely costly to start, traffic flow can vastly vary and prices per click may rise even more once competition begins to market as well.

Why Use Both

Combining the two is an effective way to drive the most amount of traffic to your site. In order to drive the initial push to your site, PPC is the most effective way to achieve this because it automatically puts you at the top. Once you have these ads running and you are able to run analytics on where the consumers are coming from, who they are and why they are there. After having these numbers, SEO should begin to be built up in the highest traffic areas to try and sustain the customers coming in. If done correctly, the combination of these methods can be an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your site.

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