Benefits of A/B Testing and Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is an experiment that looks at two variants of the same website. A is the original website and B is the modified website. One benefit of A/B testing is being able to make changes to a site to increase traffic by seeing how many people went further into the site. These changes can include different options for the user to click through, change of color of buttons or drop down-menus, and the overall layouts. For example, moving the request for information section from the bottom of a page to the side of the page to increase the number of users wanting to know more. Google optimize is a good way to generate a test report to see if the website changes are beneficial.


I wanted to test and see if people will contact me for designs through my online portfolio. My hypothesis is that by moving the contact artist section from bottom to the side bar. Does this change allow me to be considered for more contracts for design projects? I will conduct a three-week test and evaluate the results from variable A and variable B. If the B variable improves the number of designs contracts, then I will make the changes permanent.

Create an A/B test – Optimize Resource Hub (

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