STP Applied to Email Campaigns

AllBirds Shoes STP AllBirds shoes focuses on elevating their eco-consciousness. It is their main focus in their marketing campaigns. According to AllBirds shoes they use planet-friendly natural materials, like merino wool and eucalyptus from trees. AllBirds shoes are similar to the typical running or walking shoes. They strive towards the audience who are eco friendly […]

The Benefits of Tag Managers

What is a Tag Manager? Tag managers allow for specific tags to collect website data. Specific tags are when someone reads a page of a website from top to bottom. Tags can also be created when specific data is viewed in Google Analytics. The tag management system allows measurement codes and related code fragments can […]

Advantage of Current Reports and Legacy Tools

Current Reports Current Reports are a summary of the actions that apply to a website. These reports are useful because they gather information, which shows the traffic to the website. Based on the information that the current reports gathered, helps us learn how the website performs and how to improve it. Generates performance reports explore […]

Creating Custom Campaign Parameters

Components of Successful Ad Campaigns There are many successful ad campaigns that come to mind. The ad campaign I think of is the Budweiser “Lost Dog” Campaign. This is an example of a successful ad campaign because the Clydesdale horses are associated with Budweiser. Along with the use of multiple channels to reach viewers. The […]

Do You Need To Be Creative To Visualize Data?

Is Creativity Necessary In Marketing? Do you need to be creative to visualize data? While being creative is beneficial it is not necessary in marketing because of the resources available. Being a Visual Communication Design major, I must be creative with my problem solving. With the use of resources, I can take a step back […]

Benefits of A/B Testing and Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is an experiment that looks at two variants of the same website. A is the original website and B is the modified website. One benefit of A/B testing is being able to make changes to a site to increase traffic by seeing how many people went further into the […]

How to Stay Creative With an SEO-Driven Content Strategy

About the Article I read the article “How to Stay Creative With an SEO-Driven Content Strategy”. The author uses six tips to ensure creative freedom. These tips help to create an interesting and encaging report for the audience to follow. The focus of the article is using research to gain questions from the viewers and […]

What Are SEO’s and PPC’s

What is SEO? In this paragraph, I will explain what exactly is SEO’s. SEO’s are the tracking of organic searches for a specific website. SEO’s appear after paid advertisements in a search engine. A pro of SEO’s can be the most cost-effective way to improve your sites visibility. The most effective strategies to use is […]

Targeting Using Audience Information

Selecting Custom Audiences It was surprising to learn that Google Analytics has the features to generate reports based on the audiences of different products. Google groups people of the same interests and habits, which is an affinity audience. These audiences can be used to determine certain goods and services that is drawing in the most […]