Google Analytics Goal Types

According to Neil Patel, there are four goals that are important to the success of your business. They are URLs, Visit Duration, Pages/visit, and Events. URL destination goals keep track of specific URLs, which are triggered whenever someone goes to that specific URL. The second one is visit duration goals, which track how many people stay on your page for a specific amount of time. This is most useful for things like support sites. Pages/visit goals measure how many pages each visitor sees before they leave. With event goals you can track just about anything you want, you just have to add javascript to the element you want to track. However, you cannot use event goals in a funnel because each step needs to be a URL, including the goal.

That being said, I think setting a visit duration goal would be most beneficial for Project Digital. This way we can see which pages keep readers engaged the longest, and we can compare the timestamps when they click from page to page.

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