Creating an A/B Testing Hypothesis

A/B Testing: What is it?

A/B testing is used in order to test how different strategies bring different outcomes. This is a way for people to see if something will work on their website, for example placing a link in a different area on the webpage leading to more clicks. With the use of A/B testing, if something does not work and lead to a greater outcome, then you can change it in a different way or go back to what was being used prior. A/B tests two variable, one being variable A which is the original version, and variable B which is the “new and improved” version. You can create a test on Google Optimize, and try to keep it to just a few variable changes at once, because otherwise you may not be able to tell what changes worked.

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I want to test and see if people will buy more from the bookstore with a glaring link and advertisement for a promotional code on the homepage of Nazareth’s website. My hypothesis is that if we place a promo advertisement on the Nazareth homepage, online sales will increase. We would do about a two week test and see if there are any results. If the variable B option does not deliver what we would like, then we will leave the homepage how it is.

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