Brands and Authenticity

Brands have a complex relationship with authenticity on social media. On social media, consumers value this in the content that they consume. However, the brand’s goal is to make sales. So is authenticity even possible for brands on social media?

What is authenticity?

At its basis authenticity is about showing reality, not a sugar-coated moment. This is why it is hard for brands to be authentic on social media. Everything the brand does have to be produced. It all has to look good if not, no one would buy the product.

Even if the brand wants to promote an authentic presence on social media that may not even be possible. The very nature of a brand’s social media is to be self-promotional. Self-promotion can be seen by many as being not authentic. Because of this, it is easy to say that a brand cannot be authentic on social media.

Alternate social media promotion

If brands can’t meet the typical definition of social media authenticity, can they meet a different standard? Many brands are trying to show as real an image as possible.

Brand’s should strive for authenticity. They should address social issues and not fake posts. This will appeal to their audience and may encourage sales. Self promotion is great but it can be balanced with a form of being authentic that consumers would expect from brand’s social media.

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