Are Self-Promote Brands on Social Media good?

How many brands do you follow on social media that don’t self-promote?

Like most of you, I only follow brands than self-promote. As a consumer, I follow brands because I want to see everything they are posting and promoting as a brand. I like it as a way to stay engaged and aware of what’s new and in style.


Why they should Self-Promote

Consumers follow brands that they personally like and want to stay up to date with. If a brand stopped promoting itself on social media, the consumers won’t want to continue to follow their account. Then there really isn’t a point in having a social media account for your brand.

Brands with Authentic Social Media

It can be hard for anyone to be authentic on social media, but it is especially hard for a brand to be authentic on social media. Social media is a way for consumers to be able to interact and stay up-to-date with their favorite brands. If a brand were to focus on being authentic and not really focus on self-promoting itself it could come off to the public as being fake, and just trying to show that “they care” when really they could care less. That could lead to customers not wanting to follow your brand anymore and just causing a lot of drama and backlash for your company on social media.

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