Self-promotion belongs on social media

Have you ever followed a brand on social media that was completely authentic by never promoting their products? My answer, and that of many other, is no. That is because those companies need some self-promotion to sell their products. If a company never mentions what their products are in social media posts, potential customers will not know the products.

Being Authentic

To be authentic is to be completely genuine. You need to align what your content to your beliefs and desires. A company’s ultimate goal is to make money. By only posting content that is not about their products they are being unauthentic by not encouraging a sale.

Self-Promotion is Essential

If I followed a company on Instagram, and no posts pertained to their products, I would never make a purchase. They need the promotional posts to inform consumers of their offerings. You can never make a sale if no one knows what you are selling. Always posting without mentioning products would not be authentic.

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While promotional posts are good, you do not want to use too many. Showcasing a new release in a post is not overbearing, and it can create excitement. When I see that a makeup company was coming out with a new palette launch, I get excited. If that company never released that post, I would not have known that there would be a new product.

Make the Sale

You can not be authentic on social media as a company even if you never post a promotional post. Limiting your posts would hurt more than it would help. By informing consumers of new releases, they become aware and excited, so you can make a sale.

By: Alyssa Van Auker

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