Ethics of Tracking User Data

In the online space, people understand that a certain amount of data will be collected. From a digital marketing perspective, it is best to collect as much data as possible. This is in order to better market to your audience. However, this is in conflict with internet users who value their digital privacy. In general, […]

Proactive v. Defensive

Customers expect companies to respond via social media. There are a few ways to respond to negative comments, proactively and defensively. Customers generally prefer proactive responses from companies. What is Proactive Response? A proactive response is one where the brand proactively addresses issues customers are having with the brand. For example, this can be proactively […]

Brands and Authenticity

Brands have a complex relationship with authenticity on social media. On social media, consumers value this in the content that they consume. However, the brand’s goal is to make sales. So is authenticity even possible for brands on social media? What is authenticity? At its basis authenticity is about showing reality, not a sugar-coated moment. […]

Starbucks #WhatsYourName Campaign

Early in 2020 Starbucks launched its #WhatsYourName campaign showing support for transgender youth. I remember watching this ad for the first time and at first not knowing what it was advertising. For instance, the ad starts by highlighting a disconnect between a person and their first name. The ad makes it clear from the beginning […]

Why Use Email?

“No one reads email” is the claim for why email marketing is dead. But email marketing is not dead and people do still read emails. What is Email Marketing? How many emails are currently in your inbox? We are inundated with emails letting us know about products, what sales are going on, to purchase something […]

Got What It Takes To Be #1?

In George Doe’s presentation on seed keywords, he introduced five steps to expand your seed keywords and push your site higher on Google’s search engine results page. If you follow these steps it is possible for you to be the number one result on Google. However, once you achieve this you will need to continuously […]

Form Over Function?

With online spaces becoming increasingly popular for consumers when deciding where to make purchases, the design, and function of these sites are also increasingly important. The form indicates the design of a webpage, what people’s attention is drawn to, and dictates consumer’s decisions on whether they will purchase your product or service. While the functionality […]