Can You Be #1 On Google?

In Short Yes…

But it takes a lot of work.

For a company to successfully climb the ranks of Google’s algorithm it will require a lot of SEO tweaking, and constant consideration for product improvement.

When you are a company looking to improve your SEO you need to get into the mind of the consumer and use available data to guide what seed words you include on your site.

For example, by searching your product and then going through each letter of the alphabet you can learn what the most searched seed words and phrases are and if they are relevant to add to your site. In doing so, when leads start searching for information, no matter what part of the alphabet, you can pop up as a highly rated result.

What Stage Are They In?

Another important aspect to remember is what stage of the buying cycle that person is in. If they are only aware of the vague concept of your product they may not know all the lingo that dedicated experts would and that means that your seed words need to be diverse and include everyone across every stage of the cycle. In doing so, your site becomes the teacher and advisor for your lead and develop a relationship of trust as the site teaches and recommends products or services to them depending on their level of knowledge. This also means that the consumer is more likely to look for your site directly rather than through seed words over and over and over again.

Where Does Your Audience Come Together?

Lastly, you will need to look into forums such as Reddit or Quora to find out what your niche consumers are thinking about, concerned with, or prefer from competitors. In doing so you can alter your products or expand inventory to cover important details that are relevant to their needs.

Can You Do It?

All in all, it is possible to stay #1 on Google but it means your site needs to be flexible and you always need an ear listening to the needs and desires of your target audiences. If you are not consistent in these efforts then you will not remain relevant as others surpass you in their own growth with the community.

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