Can your site be #1 on Google Search?

The steps to creating a ranking site on Google are simple and are beneficial to having your site ranks. These steps include finding a seed keyword- a starting idea, a simple keyword that can be expanded on. You will take that seed keyword and find authorities in the niche. Then use Google or Amazon auto suggest to see what comes up with your keep word to see what the market is looking for. Then, you can use the Niches forums like reddit. After expanding on your keywords from these steps, you should Google competitors, but not the big ones like Walmart or Amazon. You want to go off smaller companies because if they rank then so will you. Finally, you would use the keyword tools to additionally see what the market likes, and what other sites are doing to rank. I do think this method could create you to be number one on Google search because you have used many different platforms and saw what other companies are doing – finding what works and what doesn’t work. However, I don’t think this method will keep you at a number one ranking because other companies are expanding everyday and may be using these methods to rank number one. They could be going to your site and getting ideas and possibly making them better to rank number one.

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