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Being one of the top results on Google’s search engine is extremely important to businesses and their conversion rates. Without a top spot it is unlikely that consumers will find your page unless they are directly looking for it. It is a good thing therefore that, while not easy, it is possible for your website to get a top spot on Google’s search engine with thoughtful decisions and hard work. 

The biggest factor when trying to be one of the top spots is key words. Google takes many different keywords into account when deciding what websites meet the criteria the consumer is looking for. These keywords are important when found in the URL, the title tag, header tags, and the main content of the website. It is important that these keywords are relevant to the website or webpage and precise enough to attract the consumers. You should begin with a seed keyword that is the broad topic you are looking to expand upon. From this seed keyword, usually the product you are trying to sell, you can find other key characteristics or words that help your product to stand out. It is also important to make these keywords common enough that consumers will search for it. If the word is too precise then the consumer is less likely to type it into Google. However, another problem keeping you from a top spot is the big businesses that sell the same products such as places like Walmart. They will dominate the first place spots when it comes to broad keywords on products. To ensure you separate yourselves from these businesses, long tail keywords are essential. These long tail keywords allow you to really get specific and appeal to an audience. When using this method it is better to also make different keywords for different web pages on your site to allow your keywords to become very specific and lead consumers right to where they want to go. Research will be super important to know about your competitors and what your consumers are looking for. There are tools that can help with this such as Google’s keyword planner or forums like Reddit. 

If you follow these steps, do your research, and optimize your keywords accordingly, it is in fact possible to be number one on Google search. You need to continuously work to stay there however and constantly make improvements to stay relevant at a top spot. 

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