Google Rebuilds Search Console For the Better

Old Tools Being Replaced With The New and Improved

As years go by search console tools have been evolving and solutions occur to problems that are happening with the functionality of the tools used. A new tool that has come out is the performance report that Google has implemented. This report shows us how many people clicked on our site, our average search position, and how many people saw the site. This is very important information to know when you have a website because it tracks your progress and shows your improvements as you fine tune your website along the way with the results that you get.

Important Additions to New Search Console

One of the new tools is the use of Google search console on your mobile device. According to the article, the old search console could give you the data on total number of clicks, total impressions, average click through rates, and average position but you had to choose between, “Filtering by the type of search query, page, country, or device and you could only use one at a time”. In the new search console you can do all of the filters at once making it more efficient. The article also states that the old search console only stored data up to three to four months long and now it can track data back to twelve to sixteen months ago which is huge.

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