Capture Variables with Tags

What are Site Tags?

Site tags take web analytics to the next step. They work as tracking devices that you can implement on specific pages, videos, or links, and allow you to monitor interactions on specific items. These are important because allow you to do more than just see who’s coming to your site and what pages they’re visiting. Tags allow you to see exactly what users are clicking. You can set different tags to different actions with triggers, these fire, and record each time a specific event occurs. By setting these tags in a specific order you create a hierarchy of importance amongst these interactions.

Why you should Use Site Tags

Do you want to know how your site is performing? As technology and media use continue to grow it becomes more and more important to see what is catching user’s attention. Analyzing these interactions with site tags allows creators to curate their content and target specific user demographics. This also shifts the focus to creating quality content by allowing creators to monitor areas that need improvement. Watch the video below to learn more about site tagging and how to use it.

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