Tag Manager Overview

Why Use Tag Manager?

Tag manager has many useful tactics when gathering data for a website. First off, it is a system used to collect data and gain more insights. It allows to create tags to see specific behaviors that users are doing. By using mag manger you can create triggers. Triggers are “cause your tag to fire when certain events occur.” This can help identify certain behaviors users do. There are many different tags that can used to track data. The following website has a table with tags that can be implemented to a website. https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6106924

Then, once these tags are implemented they can be used to track the behaviors to be analyzed.

How Do You Use Tag Manager?

To be able to use Tag Manager it first has to be installed. After this is done, the user has to create an account. Next, a container is created. A container is a collection of tags, triggers, and variables that are related to data. The following video can help become familiar with the website. Then, by watching this video it can help identify what behaviors drive websites.

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