Capturing Variables With Tags


Figuring out the exact activities that users are participating in on our websites is something that is very important. We cannot actually tell if our users are really browsing our website for the entirety of their session or if they are away from the screen doing other things with our tab open on their screen. However, there are some things that we can measure. We can see which elements of our website are being clicked on the most and which are getting less attention. Once we find this out, we then know which areas of our site need improvements in order to attract more clicks and interactions.

Site Tags

The importance of site tags has grown significantly over the past few years and it is crucial that we utilize site tagging in order to get a better understanding of who our users are and how they think. Giving ourselves the ability to see what our users are doing when they are interacting with our websites has a lot of benefits. Gathering the most and best data is always a huge help for making improvements in areas that need it in order to entice users to interact with our content and ultimately purchase our products and services.

Attached is a YouTube video with an in-depth look at site tagging and how it works.

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