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Efficient DiGiorno Ad

On October of last year DiGiorno frozen pizza made a campaign with an impression coverage of 55.3 million impressions for the cost of 1,100 pizzas. This means for every pizza they delivered 50,000 saw their ad tweet or hashtag. Taking it even further the average pizza costs $5.50 meaning they spent $5.50 for 50,000 impressions which is just mind blowing efficient. Those aren’t wasted impressions either because the people tweeting are obviously interested in your pizza if they want it meaning you have created stronger leads for person to person and overall demographics in a city.

Digiorno ad

Their goals

Their goals for this DiGiorno ad was just impressions and spreading their product. Clearly this was an amazing campaign and its because of the type that it is. Everyone loves a free giveaway but often people don’t submit because maybe theres something you have to fill out or the prize is too big for tax purposes. The best part about DiGiorno’s giveaway is its ease of entry and how enticing it is for a consumer. DiGiorno isn’t revered for their pizza but for most Americans nobody is going to say no to a free pizza and combine this with typing a few words and you can expect huge results. The only question is what’s next i personally think just do it again. It clearly was a hit so just try it again there is no way to get bad press for a giveaway unless you don’t follow through and even if its half as sucessful its still an amazing campaign again.

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