Changes in Google Search Console: Old vs. New

Many significant changes have occurred to Google Search Console. These changes can affect the way the digital media community views Google. These changes include the following:

  • Removal of anonymized, low-volume, long-train searches in filtered views
  • Simplified site declaration process
  • Real-time (live) URL inspection tool
  • A newly designed Manual Actions report
  • New reports: Index Coverage, Performance, Links
  • More data: 16 months of data instead of just 90 days
  • Changes in user management and permissions

The Benefits

There are many benefits to the changes that have occured in Google Search Console. With the new google search console, there is now sixteen months of data available to track performance over time. This is a benefit because terms can now view significant changes with a newly extended amount of time. Another benefit of the new google search console is the information on backlinks. For those that prefer to tack this type of information, this is a huge benefit, as backlinks can help improve strategy and traffic on web pages.

There are also several benefits to the older version of google search console. One of the benefits of the older version of google search console is notifications are sent to individuals when there is malware or crawl errors on the web page/site. This benefit provides security and prevention of lost files on your webpage. Another benefit is you can utilize search statistics, which can create insights on traffic and other data to your webpage.


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