Investing in Marketing Automation: How to Convince your Workplace

Why Use Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation can bring useful information to every business and firm. Marketing automation can help make marketer’s efficiently deliver positive results to their respective workplace. If you’re looking to conceive your workplace to start using marketing automation, continue reading Common concerns associated with gathering marketing data can be addressed while using […]

Google Analytics vs. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation and Google Analytics are two essential tools needed in today’s digital marketing age. There are benefits to both of these platforms. The benefits of using Google Analytics and Marketing Automation Google Analytics offers good insight on users and how they are interacting with your website. Users of Google Analytics can see demand-related engagement […]

Google Analytics: Audience Tracking Tools that will improve your Social Media

Google Analytics is a great tool to use for audience tracking. Audience tracking is a feature on Google Analytics that allows users to receive live reports on who visits their page, and overall insights on the audience such as their demographics. These tools are essential in giving useful information to businesses, firms, and people on […]

Changes in Google Search Console: Old vs. New

Many significant changes have occurred to Google Search Console. These changes can affect the way the digital media community views Google. These changes include the following: Removal of anonymized, low-volume, long-train searches in filtered views Simplified site declaration process Real-time (live) URL inspection tool A newly designed Manual Actions report New reports: Index Coverage, Performance, […]