Current Reports vs Legacy Tools

The ‘reports at a glance’ and the ‘legacy tools’ I notices that each had many similarities and differences between the two. The current report sections have a newer, more updated looking version. While the legacy tools seems to be a little dated and older looking by glancing at it. Finding ways to target the desired audience is not always easy, however using the Google Console helps marketers know where to reach consumers. Both current and legacy are essential in learning certain analytics, building a good platform, and pinpointing your target group.

“Explore how many people saw and clicked on your site in Google Search, what queries showed your site in Search, and your average search position.” With the performance reports you can see many in-depth interactions, and gather information to be helpful in the future. “..Shows how often Google is crawling your site, and how many requests it is making.” This statement is talking about crawl statistics, these are things that ask the viewer to interact and slows down the process of viewing product. I believe that all factors and reports, whether it be legacy or current, prove to be helpful in gaining knowledge about what works vs what does not.

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