Children in Poverty Support Campaign

“1 in 6 children in America live in poverty – making them the poorest age group in the country.”

“The State of America’s Children 2020 – Child Poverty.” Children’s Defense Fund, Children’s Defense Fund, 18 Feb. 2020 

Children in Poverty Mission

Here at Johnson we try to make the world a more gentle place. We specialize in helping children get gentle care on a daily basis with our baby products. With odds like 1 in 6 children in poverty however, many children aren’t able to get that type of care. Although there are many campaigns that strive to prevent childhood hunger, there are very few that provide another necessity that is of dire need for the development of any infant or toddler: hygiene products.We are hoping you will join us in providing these resources to this demographic. Learn more about how we plan to support these children in poverty and how you can help. 

How you can help

We plan to get our biggest partners such as Walmart and Target to help us create a matching program with our baby products. Every time you do what’s best for your baby by buying our products, we will do what is best for the children in poverty by sending them hygienic products. Hygiene is so important for physical and mental health and is sadly overlooked when in poverty. By making this accessible to the less fortunate, we are helping them to be happier and healthier while also giving them one less problem to worry about. Therefore we are making the world a more gentle place, one soap at a time. We also will have a donation page where any penny will help in going towards fighting child poverty. 

We need your input and ideas to make this the best campaign possible. Our Sign Up sheet allows you to not only provide that input but stay connected with us as we plan more ways to do our part in helping these children in poverty.

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