Clicking on Digital Ads

As a frequent online shopper, I’m always clicking on digital ads that pop up on my computer. I do a lot of clothing and sneaker shopping online, so the majority of the ads that pop up are apparel related. Usually when I’m scrolling through a website or reading an article, an ad with a nice pair of shorts or new pair of sneakers will come across my screen and I’ll click on it. This is very convenient for me, but it can also be very distracting. As many of us know, cookies is a software that essentially tracks what you do and where you go on the web. As a result, cookies will display digital ads on your screen with websites or products that you have previously looked at. This can be convenient sometimes because you can click right on the ad and it will bring you to the desired website or product. However, this can be distracting because if I’m doing homework and see a pair of shoes I like pop up on my screen, I won’t focus on my homework as much and will want to click on the ad.

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