Remarketing: How Display Ads Can Drive Conversions

6 Reasons to Run Responsive Display Ads (& 2 Reasons Not To)
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The Basics of Remarketing

Remarketing is a great technique for online marketers seeking to increase conversions on their websites. Because online marketers often pay per click for an advertisement, they naturally would like to have the most people who click through actually make a purchase or other conversion. Consider this situation: a potential customer looks at an item on a website, but doesn’t buy it. Maybe they even added the item to their cart, but they didn’t follow through with a purchase. So how can a website owner nudge that customer to complete their purchase? They can target them with a display ad later on to remind them of the brand or item. This is perhaps the most effective use of digital advertising, because it targets consumers who have already shown an interest in the product or company. Because of this, the budget dedicated to this approach often has the greatest impact.

I personally have been targeted several times by remarketing display ads for products that I was interested in. One that actually led me to action was a discount on a phone case that I liked, but didn’t buy. By showing this ad on my social media feed, and offering an incentive for me to buy it, the brand encouraged me to complete my purchase without coming across as too aggressive with its marketing approach. Although I liked the phone case, I can’t say for sure whether I would have bought it without seeing the second ad. However, it did remind me about the product sooner rather than later, and ended with a sale for the company.

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