Falling Victim to Digital – My Story-

Sometimes you’ll fall victim to a Digital Ad & that’s okay… Below is a story time from one of my most recent ‘fails’.

Similar to most tweens, teens, and young adults; I suffer from a breakout here and there. With that being said, I was the perfect candidate to fall victim to ‘Curology Customized Skincare’ via Instagram adveristement. A Curology add appeared on my feed and before I knew it, I was taking a personalized quiz to determine my ‘best skin care routine’ . Their adds often say things like “A Custom Bottle for Your Breakouts – And Nobody Else’s” – this further accentuates the idea of personalized skincare; which is very popular right now due to skin type varying by person to person.

So, what made me click? In a day and age where individuality is so important, Curology knocked it out of the park! I am almost okay with them taking my money and running with it as I continue to break out (WORSE than before).

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