Collecting Custom Campaign Content

What are the Major Components of a Successful Ad Campaign?

When I think about a successful ad campaign, the first one that comes to mind is Coca-Cola – “Share a Coke”. This campaign was so successful because it connected a large scale business to their customers on an individual level. Even if it was not your name on the can, you could likely think of someone with that name to “share a coke” with. Coca-Cola’s ad campaign ran through multiple channels, to connect with multiple types of users. When scrolling through Instagram, watching TV, or watching a YouTube video, an ad for this campaign could have appeared. Each of these traffic sources target different groups of people who use different platforms for entertainment. When building an ad campaign, a universal marketing strategy that can apply to each of these sources is necessary.

Creating a Custom Ad Campaign: Tips and Tricks

If I were to create an ad campaign, I would use Google Analytics because I could reach people through many channels. I would use “URL Builder” to create a custom URL that allows users to interact with the advertisement. The destination URL should not be tagged within Google Ads. When this happens, the link is being redundantly displayed too many times. It would also be important to only use the fields that are necessary for the campaign (these would likely only be Source, Medium and Name). A useful page with more information can be found here with further tips in creating a campaign ad.

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