Can SEO and PPC Campaigns Work Together?

What are SEO and PPC campaigns?

An SEO campaign, or search engine optimization, uses organic search results to optimize your businesses website on the search results page. If SEO is used, your website is much more likely to show up when people search for things. PPC campaigns, or pay-per-click campaigns, are the links that are at the top or the sidebar on the search results page. The businesses that put these ads there pay the search engine only when people click on the ad. These work to increase site traffic because the ads are right at the top of the search page, and placement plays a huge role in site traffic.

How can they work together?

Now that you know what these different campaigns are, how can they work together? If you are maximizing your efforts to properly use organic search optimization while you’re displaying ads at the same time, then you are putting your business in the best place possible to increase site traffic. In an article by, they go into more depth on how to link these two different campaigns.

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