Free vs Paid Media Tracking

In a marketing campaign, both organic searches (free) and paid keywords help in different ways. An organic search is initiated by the user and typically they know what they are looking for. Paid keywords come into great effect when a user is browsing a site and just looking over what they have to offer. A paid keyword in this case is effective in order to influence the user in a direction toward something that may spark their interests. Both strategies are important to let the user have freedom of what they want to see, and also steer them in the direction in which the company wants them to view. Whichever tends to generate the most revenue and success for a company will most likely be used more.


An SEO, commonly known as an organic search tends to be the most useful, however there is a time and place for PPC media, which is known as “pay per click”. When doing a search on google the SEO results are the ones followed by the paid advertisements, usually the PPC links are labeled as advertisements. “Organic clicks are free, and won’t cost you a cent. Of course, it takes investment in time and resources¬†but there are no¬†‘click’ costs, as there are when running a PPC campaign. Get SEO right and it’s free traffic.” This statement is basically saying that if managed in the correct way, to get google to put your site at the top of organic searches, this will be the cheapest and most effective way to generate revenue. It is all about understanding google’s use of algorithms and finding the way to the top of each search. There is a constant demand for accessible and simplified searches, therefore knowing what the audience is looking for makes the most effective strategy.

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