A/B Testing Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing? An A/B test involves an experiment where you change one part of your website, and see if it creates a desired outcome. This can include adding pictures, renaming headings, or reorganizing your website layout (etc) with the hopes of increasing traffic, increasing user interaction or other goals of your website. Variant […]

The Importance of Tagging

What is Google Tag Manager?  Google Tag manager is a way to track events that users do on your website. Tags are measurement codes and related code fragments that are specific to your website. Marketers can use google Tag Manager to improve their website by creating tags when a user clicks on a certain button, […]

Tools for Maximizing Search Optimization

The Makeup of a Current Report and a Legacy Tool In recent years, Google has updated its way to optimize searches. Through the development of Google Search Console, marketers can use different tools to better optimize their return on investment. These revisions include the addition of more current report tools, along with the legacy tools […]

Is Creativity a Necessity?

Do you need to have creativity to work with Google Data Studio? The use of the term “creativity” often describes someone with a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing designs. Creative people can easily solve problems using unconventional methods. While it may be easier for someone with natural creativity with technology to create reports in Google […]