Creating a Hypothesis

In order to create a hypothesis, we need to identify a problem. For this example, let’s say we have a website and we have videos on it. A goal of our website is to get more people to watch the videos that are posted on there. We would have to look into the behavior reports, and see how many people have actually viewed the videos. This is where we have to see how we can improve the page with the videos on it, in order for more people to start watching them.

A/B testing

Whats the first step to editing a page on your website to see how you can improve it? In this case, we would run A/B testing on google optimization, to make changes to the page. For example, let’s say our video was in an area that was way too far down the page, where people don’t have the chance to see it. A change that we could make to the page is moving the video to the top of the page, so it’s the first thing that people see. After running the experiment, we can see if more users watch the video. If it improves, that’s when you take the next step to permanently make changes on your website.

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