Google Tag Manager

Understanding user behavior is extremely important because it allows companies and websites to make adjustments based on the data collected. It allows them to find out what the consumers are doing when they are interacting with your website. What buttons did they press? How long did they scroll? 

Site Tagging

Site tagging is extremely helpful for sales. It helps you compare products that you are selling to realize how you can increase sales. For example, if you see that 900 people have a specific item in their cart that hasn’t been purchased, and other products usually only have 400 people with it in their cart, you know that something about this product is not appealing. That is a relatively high bounce rate comparatively. As a seller, you will now look at this product and see if the price point may be a set back or the quality. If you feel it is the price point, you can send out a discount code to everyone who has it in their cart. 


Google tag manager is designed to measure tags on your website and how often people interact with certain features on your page. It is triggered by specific events and is a great way of gathering analytics. Google tag manager is easy to learn and provides essential information to help you manage your page. It works well with google analytics and google ads.

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