A/B testing

Using Google optimize to create an A/B test is a great way to determine what things on your website work well and what things can be changed to be more effective in attaining your goal.  A test I think we should run is seeing whether or not moving a video from the middle of a blog to the top of the blog to see if clicks and viewership increase.  Finding out if having the video at the top increases the viewership of the video is vital to increasing not only total viewership but also the amount of clicks the blog gets.  Other tests that could be beneficial could be the size of pictures in a blog, where pictures are throughout the blog, and different headings.  All of these variables help make up the appearance and readability of the blog.  Changing any of them can change how likely people are to click through it or stay and read the entire blog.  Using Google optimize is a simple way to track how users navigate your site and using it with google analytics will give you an even greater understanding of your site.  Using these in tandem will give you and your team the ability to understand what things work and optimize how your site flows and its readability.

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