STP to Email Campaigns

The company in which I have chosen to research and write about is Allbirds. Allbirds is a new footwear company that produces their shoes from sustainable resources. Their motto influences consumers to buy their shoes with the mindset of looking out for the planet while wearing very comfortable shoes. As a matter of fact I […]

Capturing Variables with Tags

When running a website, it is important to track data throughout each interaction that takes place. There are many ways in order to track data, yet an effective and easy way is through placing tags on your site. This tracks user activity and will give an easy understanding of what works vs what does not. […]

Current Reports vs Legacy Tools

The ‘reports at a glance’ and the ‘legacy tools’ I notices that each had many similarities and differences between the two. The current report sections have a newer, more updated looking version. While the legacy tools seems to be a little dated and older looking by glancing at it. Finding ways to target the desired […]

Free vs Paid Media Tracking

In a marketing campaign, both organic searches (free) and paid keywords help in different ways. An organic search is initiated by the user and typically they know what they are looking for. Paid keywords come into great effect when a user is browsing a site and just looking over what they have to offer. A […]