Current Reports vs Legacy Tools

Having the benefit of using the current reports or legacy tools can bring you more data, more clicks and new advancements in your site or URL but the level of technology in both definitely wavers. Current reports are very important as they provide useful data in regards to clicks, impressions. users and provides a clear way to review and monitor the amount of activity that occurs on the page. Current reports make it very easy for you to review your site or page but it also allows you to compare it to real world usage and how it can translate. The current report and search tools being used now by Google can be useful for not just the creator of the site but many others can find a productive use for these reports where the legacy reports are more for the site developers and owners in general.

Legacy tools take a little bit of different approach and focus more on the URLs, hardwiring and very specific technology in order to locate or find data. Legacy tools are a advanced way of separating data in order to prevent certain problems and make navigating the site easier for Google. legacy tools are important for the tech-savy site owner who is looking to provide safety and security. In my opinion, I think the legacy tools haven’t been eliminated because they probably are still trying to improve the efficiency of it because the world is only becoming more mobile, techy, whatever you want to call it. Things like international targeting and the URL tools can provide use but it almost appears as if you use the legacy tools you might just end up destroying your site and how it operates rather than make it easy and accessible. In an article from Rowe Digital, they discussed how the URL parameter tools can be very dangerous in terms of site owners being able to control their crawl budget but the advancement of this too is extremely important for the future. With the internal growing of web data and site owners/users, the ability for the URL parameter toll to evolve and be more accessible for these site owners can bring forth a very helpful and effective tool to control costs.

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