“I Need More Beer!!!”

Audience Appeal: Who are you for?

The Coors Light Ad instantly made me laugh and think of how ridiculous this older woman looks holding a sign that is asking for more beer. We are all going a bit stir crazy in quarantine and could probably all use a good time, despite who we are. However, I think that this challenge is just something funny that one could do. The free incentive is just a small reason to do the challenge. I would imagine that next time that I am in a store and see the Coors Light brand, I will instantly picture this image.

The previous makes me consider what the actual business goal is. I do not think that this ad is intended to appeal to the audience of older women. I believe that this comical approach is actually appealing to a much broader audience, that is not necessarily inclusive of older women. Young, middle aged, and older people of both genders would likely get a good chuckle at this. I am a twenty one year old male, and this advertisement gives me a feeling of light, personable humor. The use of an older lady instead of the typical middle aged white man who owns a truck makes the beer more versatile and gives it a warmer feeling. The brand goal is likely to appeal to a broad audience through personal interactions, by connecting common feelings with these times to comfort in Coors Light.

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