Current Reports vs. Legacy Tools

Importance of Reports

Current reports help understand how well a website is working. In other words it shows a user the “health” of how things are running within the website. This includes clicks, views, security issues, and much more. One can also dive deeper into the performance of the reports. This “explores how many people saw and clicked on your site in Google Search, what queries showed your site in Search, and your average search position.” This helps target your markets, and also can help narrow down your target market. It can help determine where to spend money on advertisements, and where to just use free advertisements. Report tools help see the whole overview on how well a website is performing as a whole.

Legacy Tools

Legacy tools are a critical yet very over looked tool within reading reports of a website. Tough they do not have a full replacement for these tools yet, they can still be reached. URL parameters, crawl rate settings, and even international targeting can help users reach these. International targeting should be used when “adding tags to sites to ensure proper crawling for different languages or regions.”

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