Using A/B Testing to Test a Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing? Have you ever wondered whether your website could perform better with certain changes? A well-performing website is essential to nearly every business nowadays. You don’t have to change your entire website and wait to see what happens, though. A/B testing is a process that allows you to change one small aspect […]

Current Reports and Legacy Tools

The Importance of Data Marketers today have a wealth of information at their fingertips through online analytics software. Google Search Console (GSC), for example, offers many helpful insights into a website’s performance, helping marketers make the best decisions for their businesses. The tools that GSC provides are especially helpful for determining the best courses of […]

Paid vs. Organic Search Advertising

Today, search engines are one of the easiest ways for existing and prospective customers to find your company. Because of this, getting your website to show up on search engines is extremely important. Both paid and organic search are ways to display your website, but each has different challenges. While organic search costs nothing, a […]

Collecting Custom Campaign Data

With marketing in the digital world, it is no longer enough to advertise your campaigns on a single channel. Customers regularly consume several different forms of media every day. Whether it is advertised on TV, social media, search engines, or more, customers can hear about your marketing campaigns from any number of sources. This makes […]

Custom Affinity Audiences

Reaching the right crowd One of the main goals in digital marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message. Creating the right messages is easy for most marketers, but how do you find the right audience? Marketers can design custom affinity audiences to reach a certain target audience that shares a specific interest […]

Is Tracking User Behavior Ethical?

Living in the age of information definitely has its perks for marketers. Digital media has become one of the most important distribution channels for marketers, and with it, digital media analytics offers even more opportunities for growth. Unfortunately for consumers, though, the practice of tracking user behavior online presents a lot of questions about ethics. […]