Collecting Custom Campaign Data

With marketing in the digital world, it is no longer enough to advertise your campaigns on a single channel. Customers regularly consume several different forms of media every day. Whether it is advertised on TV, social media, search engines, or more, customers can hear about your marketing campaigns from any number of sources. This makes […]

Creativity and Google Data Studio

Why you don’t need to have the most creativity to create data reports When my marketing class first breached the topic of working with data analytics, I was admittedly pretty intimidated. And when I saw the website we’d be using to look at data and organize it into reports, I was even more so. Fortunately, […]

Respond to Criticism Correctly

How to Use Social Media to Respond Well to Criticism No person or company likes to be criticized. This holds true online and on social media as well. It’s often hard to know how to respond to criticism in person, and it can be equally as difficult online. So how can you respond to criticism […]

Subtle Social Media Campaigns: Spotify Wrapped

No matter how many differences people may have, something that we can all relate to is a love for music. Music is often an integral part of culture, and is a very popular way of expressing ourselves. And because of this, music is a great thing to use when marketing your brand. Spotify uses this […]

Remarketing: How Display Ads Can Drive Conversions

The Basics of Remarketing Remarketing is a great technique for online marketers seeking to increase conversions on their websites. Because online marketers often pay per click for an advertisement, they naturally would like to have the most people who click through actually make a purchase or other conversion. Consider this situation: a potential customer looks […]

Custom Affinity Audiences

Reaching the right crowd One of the main goals in digital marketing is reaching the right audience with the right message. Creating the right messages is easy for most marketers, but how do you find the right audience? Marketers can design custom affinity audiences to reach a certain target audience that shares a specific interest […]

Is Tracking User Behavior Ethical?

Living in the age of information definitely has its perks for marketers. Digital media has become one of the most important distribution channels for marketers, and with it, digital media analytics offers even more opportunities for growth. Unfortunately for consumers, though, the practice of tracking user behavior online presents a lot of questions about ethics. […]

Brand Authenticity and Social Media

We have already talked about how social media is an essential part of brand marketing. However, how do brands decide what content to post in order to build brand authenticity? What type of content should they be posting regularly, and should they be using self-promoting posts? There are a couple different things to keep in […]

How to Revitalize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Is Traditional Email Marketing Dead? Email marketing is something that nearly everyone is familiar with. We all have been asked whether we would like to sign up to receive emails from a company, whether for coupons, sales, or just more information. And because of this, we all have likely gotten overwhelmed by the number of […]

Online Search Ads

Do You Need to Spend the Most Money to Get the Best Results? Search ads are often a critical component of a business’s online marketing approach. They help create awareness about your business and drive conversions, and that alone makes them a good option for companies. But how can you make sure you are getting […]

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