Defensive and Proactive corporate response

It is now very common for a business/firm to be questioned or receive a negative response with regards to their product or services on various platforms, One example of such a platform is social media. Due to the fast-spreading and uncontrollable nature of these comments, a business needs to perform a cooperate response carefully and wisely to avoid a serious public relation crisis for the brand.

Defensive corporate response

Defensive corporate responses are those “official” responses to a comment which deals with no actual impact or help to solve the problem. In some extreme cases, the brand might even try to question the credibility of the commenter as a way to maintain their public image.

The above is the McDonald’s response to a customer’s call to bring back a dish for their menu, one can clearly feel the perfunctoriness in their response.

On the other hand, their response could be much more convincing if they could give out a logical and convincing explanation for why they can not bring back their dish, as they have done below.

Proactive Corporate response

On the other hand, by addressing quickly and proactively to customer’s complain, the brand exhibits a good attitude towards its customers.

The above is a picture of Walmart actively performing the act of corporate responses to a lazy and yet sassy customer who might be potentially trying to deem Walmart to be untransparent and unreliable with their sales events. In another word, he is trying to pick up a confrontation with Walmart on Facebook. However, by actively paying attention to their social media responses, Walmart is being able to respond to this comment quickly enough to deny the implication that the commentor posts on them: that they are not transparent about their sales event.

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