Targeting Using Audience Information

Selecting Custom Audiences

It was surprising to learn that Google Analytics has the features to generate reports based on the audiences of different products. Google groups people of the same interests and habits, which is an affinity audience. These audiences can be used to determine certain goods and services that is drawing in the most interests of people. For example, I am a huge hockey fan. When I look up memorabilia and scores, I become part of the group. By being part of the group, I receive advertisements based on my interests. This allows for the companies to directly target me for their products since I am part of their target audience.

Factors to Consider When Creating Custom Audiences

There are many important factors that advertisers should consider when creating custom affinity audiences. One factor is remarketing. Remarketing allows for “you to reach people who have already engaged in your products and services”. This gives companies the ability to specifically advertise new products or services to you. Another factor to consider is in-market audiences. “In-market audiences can help drive remarketing and reach customers close to creating a purchase”. In-market audiences allow for remarketing by connecting the company to the customer. An example of remarketing would be Google. Have you ever looked up a product on a website and wondered why the advertisements on other websites contain the products? Google uses In-market audiences to remarket to the consumer to promote the business which may cause you to make the purchase.

About audience targeting – Google Ads Help

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