It’s Custom Campaign Parameters Season

How to Properly Capture Parameters

There are 5 different parameters you can add to your URLs. Each one must be matched with an assigned value, which will then contain campaign-related information. To monitor different parts of your campaign, shift the information in the parameter. You can either add the values manually, or you can use a URL building tool to append the parameters. These URL builders are platform specific, and will work only on their respective platforms. You need a Google Play campaign in order for these to function properly, so make sure if you didn’t, you set one up in your SDK.

The Hierarchy of Custom Campaigns

If you choose to manually set up your campaigns, you can add parameters to your URL in any order. This will not change how effective they are or aren’t, and it will save you having to sweat over whether or not you can keep track of which one you did last. Do remember that case sensitivity does apply, and for each value you define that will change whether or not it works. Viewing reports for your campaigns can be seen in the left panel of Google Analytics, allowing you to monitor your campaigns in real time.

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